Bevvy of the Week – Finca Las Moras – DADÁ

Finca Las Moras – DADÁ

Bevvy of the Week - Finca Las Moras - DADÁ

You may remember some time back I recommended a wine from Argentina called Finca Las Moras Malbec. Well Fina Las Moras have released a new wine called DADÁ and its part of their ArtWine range.

People are starting to talk about this wine and it was even featured on the Moncrieff Show a little while ago, so I was looking forward to trying it.

Finca Las Moras’ DADÁ is made of two grapes Bonarda and Malbec. It is a soft, medium wine with loads of red fruit character, hints of vanilla and you’ll taste a some sweetness coming through.

I must say I did enjoy this wine and for around €12 you can’t go wrong.

Enjoy, Sláinte


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