Bevvy of the Week – Finlandia Lime

Finlandia Lime – Vodka of Finland

Bevvy of the Week - Finlandia Lime

Back in the day my short drink of choice was vodka with a very small splash of lime. It was a sipping drink, because as you can imagine the short of vodka and small dash of lime didn’t really fill the glass. Lime was the only mixer I could ever drink vodka with and really enjoy it. I have tried a few vodka’s pre-mixed with lime in the past but they never tasted right. That was until I tasted Finlandia Lime.

Finlandia Vodka itself is a great vodka. It’s really clean and smooth and packs a bit of a kick at 40% so when I saw the lime edition I had to try it.

I wasn’t let down. They have matched the lime flavoring really well with the vodka. The lime doesn’t out way the vodka or the vodka doesn’t the lime, it’s just right on the button.

Finlandia Lime is ideal to drink on its own with no mixer. It is best served from the fridge or you can throw a few ice cubes in.

You can pick up a bottle of Finlandia Lime for about €30.

Enjoy, Sláinte,


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