Bevvy of the Week – First Cape Wine

First Cape Wine


First Cape Wine

First Cape Discovery wine range was introduced on to the Irish market not too long ago.

It is lower in alcohol (5.5%) and has less calories (30% less) than the normal First Cape wine.

First Cape is a South African Brand but the grapes they use for the Discovery range are, Italian Pinot Grigio, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and a Californian White Zinfandel. So they have picked the most popular grape varieties on the Irish market at the moment, not a bad idea.

All the wines are enjoyable and do show the character of the grapes used but you can’t help feeling that there is something missing (the alcohol), but if you are buying these wines, you’re not buying them to get drunk. These are great wines to relax with in the evening and you are safe in the knowledge that you won’t be hungover in the morning and that they are a little better for the waistline.

So if you want to try a wine that’s light, easy drinking and tasty, this one’s for you. You can pick up a bottle in your local Off-Licence for about €5.99.

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