Bevvy of the Week – Guinness and Timmermans – Lambic & Stout

Guinness and Timmermans – Lambic & Stout

We’re fans of the Open Gate Brewery here on The Life of Stuff, and long-standing readers will remember we had the very special privilege of being part of the first group to experience the experimental brewery along with a behind the scenes tour way back when it first opened in 2014!

Bevvy of the Week - Guinness and Timmermans - Lambic & Stout - The Life of Stuff Blog

Flash forward four years later and this September the Open Gate Brewery is celebrating their long-standing friendship with Timmermans, Belgium’s oldest active Lambic brewery, by creating a one-off brew “an extraordinary blend of three unique beers: Timmerman’s Oude Kriek, a wild-fermented Kriek; Guinness West Indies Porter and Guinness Special Export, a Belgium-exclusive stout”.

To celebrate the collaboration the Open Gate Brewery are hosting Belgian Beer Week from September 13th to September 15th (a short week I know). During these dates The Open Gate will devote themselves to Belgium’s distinctive beer styles inclusive of Saisons, Witbiers, Belgian IPAs, Dubbels, Tripels, Blondes and the Guinness & Timmermans collaboration brew. Each beer will be paired with hand-crafted Belgian chocolate (yummy), and a full, Belgium-inspired food menu will be available – sounds delicious.

But fret not if you don’t get around to visiting during Belgian Beer Week because the Guinness and Timmermans’ brew will be available until stock lasts – and I can’t imagine that’ll be for long – one has my name on it that’s for sure!


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