Bevvy of the Week – Guinness Black Lager

Guinness Black Lager


Guinness Black Lager

Well you might of heard of it and then again you might not have, but it’s here and it has been around for the best part of a year. Diageo do this every so often, they try to introduce a new product onto the market with the Guinness name and as I’m sure many of us know, these new products never take off. I don’t need to go down through the list of failed products they have launched under the Guinness name to know that this one might just end up there.

But having said all that I really enjoy it, even if it does mess with your mind a bit when you are drinking it. It’s black, and you are looking at the name Guinness on the bottle so your mind is expecting a Guinness taste but what you get is a nice refreshing lager with a hint of the Guinness magic. Maybe if they introduced it without the name Guinness all over the bottle who knows what could have lay ahead for this black lager!

So get out there and try it because you never know how long it will be around for. You should be able to pick up a 4pk for around €7.

Cheers, Sláinte,

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