Bevvy of the Week – Hermitage




This week we are going to look at a wine from the Rhone Vally. The Rhone Vally is the third largest wine producing region in France after Bordeaux and Languedoc and produces some really great wine, probably more so for their red rather than their whites. The Rhone Valley is split in two, north and south. It is in the north where most of the great red wines of the Rhone Valley are made and are produced from the big hitting grape Syrah (known as Shiraz in Oz) and can be aged for decades

So lets look at Hermitage, this is probably one of the better known wines from the north of the Rhone Vally, and what a wine it is. Made from the Syrah grape, this wine gives flavours of blackcurrant, spice, pepper and a bit of mint, Mmmmmm. This wine is also aged in oak as with all the great wines of the North.

You should be able to pick up a bottle for around €30 but if that is a little too much you could go for a Crozes Hermitage and you should be able to get it for around €15. So whichever one you go for, it’s gonna be good.

Sláinte, Cheers,


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