Bevvy of the Week – Teeling Poitín

Teeling Poitín

Bevvy of the Week - Teeling Poitín

This week I would like to recommend an Irish drink that is rich in history and full of secrecy. It’s a drink that some believe gave birth to Uisce Beatha (Whiskey) and a drink that has nearly everybody knowing somebody, who knows somebody, that knows a fella that makes it. Yes, if you haven’t guessed it already, I’m talking about Poitín.

Luckily nowadays you don’t have to know somebody who knows somebody to get your hands on a bottle. There are a few poitín brands on the market now and the one I’m going to suggest is Teeling Poitín.

Poitín is known for its very, very, very high alcohol content about 80 + % and even though the Poitín we can now buy legally doesn’t reach those crazy levels, Teeling Poitín comes in at 61.5%. Not bad by any ones standards I would say. Teeling Poitín has a soft creamy flavor and there’s even a bit of fruit coming in there too.

A bottle of Teeling Poitín will set you back about €30 and it comes in a 500ml bottle.

Enjoy, Sláinte,


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