Bevvy of the Week – Buffalo Trace

Buffalo Trace


Buffalo Trace

Well it’s back to whiskey for this weeks Bevvy of the Week and it’s back State-Side and to its world of Bourbon.

I tried Buffalo Trace over the weekend and I must say I found everything I like about Bourbon in the glass. The Buffalo Trace name came about because the Distillery is located at a crossing point over the Kentucky River where back in the day herds of migrating Buffalo crossed… ok so back to the whiskey.

Buffalo Trace is known for its sweetness because if the high level of corn used in the mash and that sweetness really comes through on the palate along with vanilla, mint, spice and even some oak. You can drop a bit of water into the glass which releases a nice fruitiness. Buffalo Trace has a long dry finish and the vanilla that was present at the start also returns.

Mmmmm,this is a good one. You should be able to get Buffalo Trace in most bars or better still get into your local Off Licence and pick up a bottle. You should get it for around €45 per bottle but it will be worth every cent.

Enjoy, Sláinte,


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