Bevvy of the Week – Non-Alcoholic Beer

Non-Alcoholic Beer

Long gone are the day’s when the only non alcohol beer that was available on the market was Becks non alcohol, and if you did want something different you would have to search high and low for it.

I myself had to ‘settle for’ non alcohol beer of late, and I must say the choice was more than I had expected.

 Non-Alcoholic Beer

German Non-Alcoholic Beer

I got a mix of three different types, all German by the way. Paulaner n/a, Erdinger n/a and Meissel Weisse n/a. Now the Erdinger has been around for a long time but the other two are relatively new.

All three beers are very tasty, you do notice that there’s something missing, but saying that I really enjoyed them. They all have the German character that we know and love but without the kick. So the next time I have to go non-alcohol I won’t be too disappointed.

You can pick these non-alcoholic beers up in any good Off Licence and they shouldn’t cost more than €2 each. Also just to mention that there is a very small amount of alcohol in these beers, no more than 0.5%.

Enjoy, Sláinte,


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