Plymouth Sloe Gin

This week I would like to recommend Plymouth Sloe Gin. This Sloe Gin has been around for some time now and it seems to have been overlooked by the many new gin drinkers. It is a gin liqueur and widely used in cocktails however it is an excellent fruit gin that can be enjoyed on its own over ice.
Bevvy of the Week - Plymouth Sloe Gin
Plymouth Sloe Gin is produce by steeping sole berries in Plymouth Gin and the end result is a rich mouth-filling drink, smooth and full of flavour. It does have the botanical flavours you would expect from a gin but it’s backed up with flavours of cherries and plums with a slight nutty character.
For more visit the Plymouth Gin website here.
A great summer drink for lazing in the garden.
It comes in a 700ml bottle, 26% abv and will cost around €36.
Enjoy, Sláinte

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