Bevvy of the Week – Faustino V Rose

Faustino V Rosé


Faustino V Rose

Well with weather like this why wouldn’t you?, have a drink that is, and what could be nicer than cracking open a nice bottle of rosé.

Many people have the view that rosé wine is somehow of lesser quality, but in fact a lot of effort goes into making a nice bottle of rosé. Now you’re never going to get a rosé with ageing potential. All rosé wine is made to be drunk young.

I picked up a bottle of Spanish rosé, Faustino V, over the weekend and I must say it went down a treat. It was packed full if red berry flavours and had a really fresh lively acidity. Best served very cold but not ice cold as you want to appreciate the wonderful flavours.

You should pick up a bottle of Faustino V Rosé for around €14. Enjoy.

Cheers, Sláinte,



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