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French Wine


map of french wine regions

Well hello everybody Bevvy of the Week is back and after a couple of weeks traveling around the South of France on honeymoon I had the chance to drink some really great wines and at good prices too.

It would be a very long list if I was to name all the wines I tried but I can say that there was not one wine I didn’t like. So, this weeks Bevvy of the Week is about getting out there and trying French wine, after all they are the masters.

We started in Bordeaux where the wines are rich and full bodied and can be made with up to five different grape varieties, the main one’s are Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. Then it was over to Saint-Émilion were Merlot is the main Grape variety used. The wine from here tends to be a bit softer because if it. Then on to Avignon, home of Chateaunuef de Papa. Here the wines are mostly made from Grenache and Syrah. The Syrah gives the wine a lovely pepperiness. Then it was nearly all rosé in the French Riveria. I must say we had some really good ones. Now I’m not really a lover of rosé but they produce loads of it in the provence region, so why not.

So if you want a nice bottle of wine over the weekend I would recommend you look at the French section of you local off licence and be ready for a treat.

Cheers, Sláinte,


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