Bevvy of the Week – Jeremiah Weed Kentucky Cider Brew – Ginger

Jeremiah Weed Kentucky Cider Brew – Ginger

Jeremiah Weed Kentucky Style Cider Brew - Ginger

For this weeks Bevvy of the Week I’m going to recommend Jeremiah Weed Kentucky Cider Brew. It’s a cider blend with spirit, fruit and ginger.

I’m a lover of cider and I do like ginger so I was looking forward to trying this and I must say, what an enjoyable drink.

They seem to have got the balance just right in this brew. The sweetness, ginger and the fruit all work very well together with none out shining the other. Sometimes drinks with ginger in them are overpowered by the ginger itself and it’s all you can taste, but not with this. 

It can get a bit heavy after a few but just throw it into a big glass of ice and that will lighten it up some.

You can pick up a bottle of Jeremiah Weed Kentucky Cider Brew up in your local Off Licence for around €3 per 500ml bottle and it’s only 4% alco so it won’t knock the socks of you.

Enjoy, Sláinte, 


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