Listen of the Week – Big September, Ballroom Addicts

Big September – Ballroom Addicts, 2014

Big September - Ballroom Addicts

Big September are due to release their 11 track/song album ‘Ballroom Addicts‘ tomorrow, May 9th 2014. In case it slipped your mind, Big Semptember are responsible for this brilliant song ‘The Preacher‘ which was released in April last year – if you love it, like I do, you’ll be happy to know that it’s on the album.

Big September – The Preacher

I don’t know what’s going on with Wicklow right now, and especially Bray, what with the likes of Hozier and Big September coming from this same small seaside town, there must definitely be something in the water or there is magic at play. Ramblings aside, and back to this Listen of the Week, Big September released their new single ‘The Righteous Way’ a couple of weeks ago on April 25th. For lads who call themselves Big September they seem to have a thang for April. It’s a great song, maybe not as sing-along and anthem in feel as ‘The Preacher’ but sure you couldn’t have the full album like that, or could you. Have a listen and watch of the official video for it here …

Big September – The Righteous Way

Only together for a couple of years but having already sold out gigs across the country and with thousands and thousands of views on their YouTube music vids, along with an appearance on The Late Late Show (a programme I haven’t watched in yonks but I still know that if you’re on the Late Late, you’re doing something right), these Bray lads are the ones to watch soar. Cillian Duane – Guitar, Graham (Naylor) O’Neill – Bass, Scott O’Neill – Vocals, Dan Smith – Drums and Dave Butler – Guitar/Vocals.

There aren’t any songs on the album that I’d like to skip past. Always a great sign. I wouldn’t even say that the album grew on me because we gelled straight away. Songs I’d recommend to listen out for apart from the aforementioned are – ‘All in Your Head’, ‘The Summit‘, ‘One Eye Open’ and ‘Beat Of The Breeze’  They range from sing along at the top of your voice, guitar driven songs full of haunting vocals and spoken words to happy uplifting rifts that will put a pep in your step to Beat of The Breeze a song Bruce Springsteen would be proud to have writen but I hate to make comparisons, albeit the fact it’s a complement.  

Big September - Album Launch - Ballroom Addicts

To celebrate the release of their album, Big September will be playing in-store at HMV Henry Street tomorrow Friday 9th at 1pm, HMV Liffey Valley on Saturday 10th at 2pm and on Sunday 11th at 2pm in the HMV Grafton Street store. As an added bonus if you buy a signed copy you get a 16 page booklet, sweet. If the lads in-store performance isn’t enough and you are thirsty for more, you can get tickets here, to see them play The Academy on Saturday May 17th for their official Album Launch celebration. I know I’ll be there with bells on!

For more info on Big September you can visit their website here

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