Bevvy of the Week – Mac’s Hop Rocker and Mac’s Great White

This week I would like to recommend two beers from the Mac’s Brewery in New Zealand.

Mac’s Hop Rocker & Mac’s Great White


Mac's Hop Rocker

Mac’s Hop Rocker is a straw coloured, light, fresh pilsner. It has a nice citrus flavor with some grassy notes as well. It does have a hoppy character but not as much as the name would suggest but having said that this is a very enjoyable pilsner. This is a great beer if you want something light and refreshing and want to break away from the norm. You should be able to pick it up in an off Licence with a wide range of world beers and it will set you back about €2.

Mac's Great White

Mac’s Great White is a cloudy wheat beer with a soft banana and bubble gum flavour. Now, if you like your German wheat beers you might think that this beer doesn’t come close and it probably doesn’t but it’s not as heavy as the German wheat beer so it goes down much easier and is very enjoyable. Again you should get this beer for around €2

Sláinte, Cheers


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