Bevvy of the Week – The Multi-Award Winning, Martini Asti

Martini Asti

This week’s Bevvy of the Week is the multi-award winning, world-famous Martini Asti. This sparkling wine is produced in North West Italy in an area called Piedmont and is made from the white grape Moscato. 
Bevvy of the Week - The multi-award winning, Martini AstiMartini Asti is a low alcohol sparkling wine ( 7.5% abv ) with a high degree of sweetness. In the production of this wine they only ferment the Moscato grape once leaving a high level of natural sugar and bags of character. It’s sweet and fruity with flavours of peach, ripe melon, elderflower and a bit of sage for good measure. 
This is a great drink to be enjoyed on its own but it’s also a really good drink for cocktails especially gin based cocktails because of the elderflower character.
It’s really hard to find a good quality, low alcohol sparkling wine but Martini Asti really fits that bill.
A 750ml bottle will cost around €20. 
Enjoy, Sláinte


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