Bevvy of the Week – Lambrini Cider



Lambrini Cider

This one is for all you people out there who like their fruit cider. I myself like the odd sweet fruity cider every now and again. Many out there may have tried Kopparberg and so on but the one I have tried lately is Lambrini fruit cider.

Lambrini is a pear cider with fruit flavours and there are three types, Strawberry/Elderflower, Cherry/Apple & Blackberry/Raspberry.

Now these drinks are not for everybody because they are quite sweet so you might not drink too many but I must say I really enjoyed them and you can really taste the fruit flavours.

Lambrini Cider’s come in a 750ml bottle, are 4% abv and cost around €4. Not bad for a nice easy drink.

Enjoy, Sláinte,


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