O’Shea’s To Helles and Back Irish Craft Lager

This week’s Bevvy of the Week is a German style Helles lager from the Carlow Brewing Company called O’Shea’s To Helles and Back.

Helles lager is traditionally brewed in Munich, southern Germany. It is a pale colour in appearance and has more body than a regular pilsner.

O’Shea’s To Helles and Back is a decent well rounded lager. Medium to light bodied with slight citrus undertones. No overpowering flavours, it’s crisp and refreshing.

O’Shea’s To Helles & Back comes in a 500ml bottle, is 4.4% abv and costs around €2 per bottle from your local Off Licence.

Enjoy, Sláinte,



Bevvy of the Week - O'Shea's To Helles and Back Irish Craft Lager, Carlow Brewing Company - THE LIFE OF STUFF*****


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