Bevvy of the Week – Wild Turkey 8 Year Old

Wild Turkey 8 Year Old


Wild Turkey 8 Year Old

This week I would like to recommend an old favourite if mine, Wild Turkey 8 Year Old. This is a drink I liked to order when I first started getting into whiskey. I don’t know why but maybe it had something to do with the straight, 50.5% abv who knows. All I know is I drank it, liked it and came back for more.

Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Bourbon is packed full of flavours, from caramel and vanilla on the nose to fruit and spice, and even a bit of honey on the palate. Yum yum.

This is definitely one for in front of the fire and will warm you up on these cold nights. You should be able to pick Wild Turkey 8 Year Old up for around €45.

Enjoy, Sláinte


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