The 10 Winter Foods & Drinks We’ve Been Craving All Year

10 Winter Food Cravings

We’re not going to make the obvious joke with an obligatory Game of Thrones reference, but the colder weather has reached us. And with this cold weather comes some mighty fine eating and for many – ‘winter foods & drinks we’ve been craving all year’

From traditionally Irish to staples in Italian cuisine, British favourites to French inspired, we’re not forgetting our love for Spanish superstars like ‘Paella’ (this Delia Smith Paella Recipe is worth a try by the way). And don’t get me started on the welcoming scent of spices when cooking Chinese food – try this dish if you’re only starting out: 8 Steps to a Delicious Chinese Chicken Fried Rice Recipe.

Finally among the top winter foods we’ve been craving all year, are Indian dishes. Indian cuisine holds a special place for us here at The Life of Stuff, bringing both heat and heartiness to the table. From the spiced layers of a rich Rogan Josh to the creamy, fragrant allure of a Dal Makhani. These dishes not only promise to satiate cravings but also introduce an element of exotic flavour that’s hard to resist.

Remember: Practice makes perfect when cooking at home so don’t let your lack of experience sway you from indulging on your favourite food craving. And if you really can’t cook it, just yet, then get that feel good factor by supporting your local restaurants and takeaways for some authentic expertise.

Whether it’s sipping on a hot homemade Masala Chai or digging into a plate of steaming authentic Biryani, like so many wonderful world cuisines, Indian cuisine is thankfully available from takeaways in Cork to restaurants in Crawley and is a delightful way to beat the winter blues!

The following winter foods and drinks, snacks, main courses and desserts have crept into our thoughts before now. But we just haven’t had the appetite for them! Now, however, things are changing, and our taste buds are seeking out flavours beyond chicken salads and white wine. Here are ‘10 Winter Foods We’ve Been Craving All Year‘ – ten culinary niceties we’re ready to reintroduce ourselves to.

The Ten Winter Foods We've Been Craving All Year - Hot Chocolate

Photo by Maddi Bazzocco

No. 1 – Hot Chocolate

The thought made us gag in June, but right now, we’re down with the idea of chocolate, cream and marshmallows all mixed together in a glorious, sugar coma-inducing mess. You can normally find us ordering one of these bad boys at 11am when two pieces of toast just doesn’t cut it.

The Ten Winter Foods We've Been Craving All Year

No. 2 – Mulled Wine

It’s like Ribena – but hot – and after five glasses you suddenly feel unmistakably merry and you can’t work out why. All those spices; it should make us hanker after chai tea lattes, but without the alcohol kick, some might say what’s the point? Looking for a recipe? We’ve got one here: Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Mulled Wine Recipes – with and without ‘the kick.’

The Ten Winter Foods We've Been Craving All Year - Porridge

Photo by Alex Motoc

No. 3 – Porridge

With honey. Or banana. How about cinnamon and blueberries? Initially considered too stodgy as summer joined us, porridge is now making a comeback. Top tip: Don’t buy the economy porridge from the supermarket; the oats don’t quite lend themselves to breakfast, just flapjacks. Get the mid-range bag. And don’t waste your time with sachets; they’re never enough.

The Ten Winter Foods We've Been Craving All Year

No. 4 – Roast Dinners & Stews

Whether it’s roast beef, pork, chicken, fish or indeed meatless – we’re ready for our roast dinners with roasted potatoes, root veggies, Yorkshire puddings, stuffing and gravy. Bring it on! And we might just have seconds too!

And if roast dinner isn’t on the menu, then a piping hot stew might be just what you’re craving – served with crusty bread and real butter, you cannot beat it. Here’s one we prepared earlier: Delicious 1 Pot Oven Cooked Irish Beef Stew Recipe

The Ten Winter Foods We've Been Craving All Year - Sausages and Mash

No. 5 – Sausages and Mash

Sausages and Mash, or ‘Bangers and Mash’, depending where you’re from, definitely deserves a place on this ‘Winter Foods’ list. The mash needs lots of butter, the sausages must be from your local butcher, or your favourite veggie or vegan brand – and there must be a squabble over whether the dish should be eaten with gravy alone or with garden peas.

The Ten Winter Foods We've Been Craving All Year - Shepherd's Pie

No. 6 – Shepherd’s Pie

There is no ill that this dish cannot cure; we’re even big fans of the veggie version. Some people use minced meat like in cottage pies, others stick to the traditional recipe of minced lamb. People tend to be split on the matter of putting grated cheese on top. We say, when in doubt, add the cheese. And sure why not?

And if fish is your thing – why not try this scrumptious Irish Farmhouse Fish Pie!

The Ten Winter Foods We've Been Craving All Year

No. 7 – Eggnog

Although small doses of this ambrosia will keep you going for the next week or so (it’s horrifically rich), a small serving, when you’re in the mood, will warm your cockles like nothing else. Lovely, sweet, and laced with just the right amount of booze, it’s the ultimate hangover drink for when things aren’t looking up at 3pm.

The Ten Winter Foods We've Been Craving All Year - Lasagna

Photo by Paul Pan

No. 8 – Lasagne

This dish can be filed under the same heading as Shepherd’s Pie – it’s one of the ultimate comfort foods – but the lovely thing about lasagne is you can have a salad with it, thereby upping your vegetable intake during the time of year when most of your vitamins may be coming from Black Forest Gateaux.

The Ten Winter Foods We've Been Craving All Year - Soup

No. 9 – Hearty Soup

Try a Minestrone – this chunky soup is best enjoyed with heaps of black pepper and buttered bread. It’s up to you whether you add a few slices of cheese to the mix but some prefer to keep their pleasures simple. Or how about a hearty Cabbage Soup like this one – Delicious Hearty Cabbage Soup with Parsley Croutons Recipe

The Ten Winter Foods We've Been Craving All Year - Crumble

Photo by Dilyara Garifullina

No. 10 – Apple and Blackberry Crumble

The humble crumble returns to our kitchen year after year when the nights draw in and there’s nothing good to stream. We’ve been thinking about a buttery topping mixed with rich fruit juices for a while now; must have been all those summery cocktails which initially set us off. More custard, please. And for a simple Apple Crumble Recipe try this one – Apple Crumble – It’s So Easy

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